A Toast to Timber Hill: One of Wisconsin’s Best Wineries

Nestled in the heart of South Central Wisconsin, Timber Hill Winery stands as a beacon of excellence and charm. In 2023, we were voted “Best Winery” in the Janesville Gazette’s “Best of the Best” community choice awards, and we are honored to be nominated again this year. Our heartfelt thanks go out to the wonderful surrounding communities that have supported us – your votes and visits mean the world to us. We are elated to be considered one of Wisconsin’s best wineries, and we strive to live up to that reputation.

Wisconsin wineries are truly unique and valuable in many ways. They add a beautiful touch to our state’s tourism industry, attracting visitors eager to explore the hidden gems we have to offer. At Timber Hill, we believe in the power and pride of small, family-owned businesses that meticulously see their product through from grape to bottle. While we are one of the younger wineries in the state, our dedication to quality and our passion for winemaking shine through in every batch.

Currently, we source our grapes and juices from various growers, making a concerted effort to use local sources whenever possible. We utilize several varieties of grapes grown right here in Wisconsin, including Foch, Frontenac, Petite Pearl, Marquette, and St. Croix, among many others. Wisconsin’s winemakers are adept at cultivating cold-climate grapes that thrive in our state’s conditions, and they also incorporate other fruits from Midwestern orchards and farms, maximizing the flavors of each season.

Timber Hill Winery recently moved to a larger building at the site of our young vineyard. Perched atop a low hill, the winery offers stunning vineyard views and a serene, peaceful setting. Our spacious outdoor patio with plenty of seating allows guests to soak in the beautiful surroundings. Indoors, our tasting room has been praised for its casual elegance and relaxing ambiance, making it a perfect spot to enjoy a wine tasting session.

With more than forty varieties of wine, there is something for every palate at Timber Hill. From sweet to dry, fruit to sparkling, our extensive wine list is sure to have a flavor that you’ll love. We are continuously expanding our offerings, including a variety of wine cocktails to please even those who don’t consider themselves traditional wine drinkers. Perhaps our most popular is a nod to the classic Wisconsin Old Fashioned, made with our Finally Friday Fiery Red, a port wine that seamlessly replaces brandy in this famous cocktail. From spring to fall, our frozen wine slushies in fresh flavors are a hit. And in true Wisconsin fashion, we’ve recently partnered with local breweries to offer locally made tap beers that rotate seasonally. For those looking to indulge without the alcohol, we offer a unique mocktail menu as well!

In addition to our delicious beverages, we collaborate with Skelly’s Farm Market to bring you their handmade fudge, available for purchase in our retail gift shop area. We embrace opportunities to support other local, small businesses! We also support local non-profit organizations through fun events such as Wineo Bingo, and we feature local musicians with live music every Sunday afternoon. At Timber Hill, we aim to be both a local spot for relaxation and gathering with friends, as well as a destination for those seeking a new and exciting wine journey right here in our home state.

To complement your wine-drinking experience, we also offer a full food menu designed to satisfy your appetite. Our menu features a variety of delicious options, from Wisconsin cheeses to gourmet sandwiches and handmade pizzas. Whether you’re enjoying a casual snack or a full meal, our food offerings are sure to delight your taste buds.

Since opening our new location in September 2023, we’ve had visitors from near and far come to experience what Timber Hill is all about. We participate in the Wisconsin Wine Wallet and Wisconsin Wine Tags promotions to offer added value to those traveling a greater distance to visit us. These tools have brought us many new guests that we otherwise may not have met! We hope they’ve enjoyed their time here and left with a positive impression of what a Wisconsin winery can be: warm, welcoming, and representative of the best our state has to offer.

As we look forward to the possibility of being voted “Best Winery” in the Janesville area once again, we remain committed to our goal of being one of Wisconsin’s best wineries for many years to come. If you would like to support Timber Hill in the Janesville Gazette’s Best of the Best campaign, you can cast your votes on their website between June 3rd and June 23rd. We will be sure to post the link to our social media pages as it gets closer. Thank you for your continued support, and we hope to see you soon at Timber Hill Winery! Cheers! 🍷