Wine Pairings for the Holiday Season

Glorious fall in southern Wisconsin is a great time to discover some exciting new wine pairings. There
are many which can be made between our excellent specialty wines and the seasonal dishes your family
looks so forward to.

Possible Wine Pairings For Your Holiday Menu
Some suggestions for pairing types of wines with favorite, classic seasonal dishes:

Beef and Prime Rib – You can’t go wrong with a robust red pairing with all types of beef, but
especially with prime rib roasts. We have many selections to choose from, which would stand up
well to beef and the heavy dishes and condiments that go with it, such as English mustard and
Turkey – The rule has always been to serve white wine for chicken and turkey. Our
unique wines may transcend a simple designation as a table white wine. You may find pairings
with combination wines could be preferable. Remember, turkey is never a stand-alone dish.
Many other side dishes served with the entrée, such as twice-baked potatoes, yams, and rich
sauces, can be heavier, possibly needing a more robust or complex wine to accompany it. Think
about the entire menu when you plan out the wine, possibly using separate courses as guides
for more than one wine during the meal.
Ham – Hams are known for their smoky, sweet flavor; often calling for a slightly sweeter wine.
Some white wines, particularly German inspired varieties, go very nicely. However, ham richness
can also be paired with a lighter, sweeter red wine.
Duck – A lot depends on how your duck is prepared. Traditional roasted or braised duck calls for
a heavier, rich red wine to counter the fattiness of the duck. On the other hand, duck is often
served with a sweeter, fruitier sauce. This can then call for a hint of sweetness in the wine, and
that’s usually a white. This is another example of having multiple choices from our combination
wine selections which may compliment either style of cooking well.

Timber Hill specializes in unique wines with a huge variety of flavor profiles and combinations. We can
offer suggestions as to pairings for our specific varieties. However, it always comes down to your taste
and personal preferences. Why not bring your holiday menu ideas with you to the Timber Hill Winery to
experience a wine-tasting of our current seasonal selections and new wine varieties? Make an event of
it by bringing your friends along with their menus, too. Call to schedule your tasting today!