3 Tips For Your Next Winery Visit

Be prepared to have the best Wisconsin wine tasting experience with us.

Starting in April, the tasting room will be open at 11am, Thursday thru Sunday and no shortage of fun will be found. This means we will be welcoming the start of the spring season and the many new experiences and adventures our friends and customers bring with them. And although there is never a bad time to visit the winery, when you do, we want to ensure it is both memorable and remain high on your list of favorite winery stops in southcentral Wisconsin. Here are some tips on how to make the most of a tasting visit with us.

1) Check the events calendar and arrive early to experience all the winery has to offer (including a chance to meet the winemaker). We are so eager for our patio to be open, the debut of the new tasting room, to host more events, make more wine, and to welcome new travelers and friends to our community this spring. But we really think one of the best things about visiting the winery is the chance to meet the people behind our wines, one being our owner and winemaker, Amanda. She may not have time to talk if she’s busy tending to the wines or hosting a private event, but she truly enjoys meeting the customers and hearing about their journey to how they found the winery. All of the staff at Timber Hill will be happy to help you through your tasting and find the perfect varietal or blend to satisfy your tasting experience. So check our events calendar before you visit and stop earlier in the day if you want that front row seat at the tasting table.

2) Be prepared to answer the question, “Can you tell me more about the kind of wines you like?” Even our most seasoned customers aren’t always the best at identifying the tastes or describing the wines they love. Or perhaps they are frightened to share it with us because they assume we may only pour the kinds of wines we already know they like. That isn’t the case though. We want to follow your lead unless you request our help. A great way to let our staff help you choose would be to first review the tasting sheet and then if you still have trouble choosing, just let us know you, “enjoy wine tastings and would like to learn more about Timber Hill’s wines.” You can also request to start with the winery’s latest release or most popular wines.

3) Taste something new and leave with something to share! If you always stick with the wines you love, we are happy you know what you like! But we do fear you could miss out on the special appeal of the winery’s use of regional, cold climate grapes that make our wines Wisconsin-made and truly enjoyable. Try something you normally wouldn’t and don’t forget to share your unique find with a friend. We recommend the Jalapeno or Cranberry Wines, or any of the seven wines in the Social Sweet Series, made specifically for sharing a wine drinking experience with others.

When you’re with us, surrounded by the charm of a boutique Wisconsin winery, your experience in tasting wine should be special. And while we do our best, you just can’t cork that same experience up in a bottle to enjoy at home, so we always look forward to another visit from you.