Wine Personalities: Are You Sweet or Dry?

When you reach for a glass of your favorite wine, what does it say about you? Research from scientists in Britain and Australia indicates your affinity for sweet or dry wines could hold a few clues about your personality. 

When Science Meets Wine: Tasting Your Personality

A love for sweet, jammy reds or an attraction to the driest Muscadet can’t tell you about your deepest fears and desires, but it may provide some insight into two primary areas: impulsiveness and openness. In other areas of the personality “big five,” extroversion, neuroticism, and agreeableness, there were no significant differences between the two groups.

People who prefer sweetness tend to be more impulsive than their sugar-eschewing counterparts but are often less adventurous by comparison. In fact, people with high impulsive tendencies are more likely to have a sweet tooth across the board but are usually far less open to new experiences and trying new things.

Can Your Personality Affect Your Wine Tasting Experience?

Choosing a wine ideally suited to your taste preferences can feel like an overwhelming challenge. It’s far easier when you’re able to narrow the field, but can aspects of your personality truly predict your best fit?

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