Wine Pairings for Your Thanksgiving Feast

As the nights get longer and the temperatures get colder, it’s time to start planning for the holiday season. While this year’s festivities are sure to be different from years past, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the perfect autumn feast complete with perfectly paired wines to celebrate another year of gratitude. 

Choosing the Perfect Wine Pairings for Your Palate

While it’s true that the characteristics of specific wine varieties enhance certain foods’ qualities, it’s also true that the beauty of wine pairings lies in the eye of the beholder. Personal preference will play a substantial role, but there are some qualities to look out for in both reds and whites to simplify things. 

White wines with well-balanced acidity bring more to the typical Thanksgiving table, while you’ll want to reach for reds with less aggressive tannins to play beautifully with the flavors of your food. If you’re looking for a versatile choice capable of carrying the meal from appetizers through dessert, sparkling wines are a tried and true choice. Crisp bubbles can cut through even the richest dishes while lending a fresh and festive flair to every course.

White wines classically accompany poultry like turkey, herbaceous stuffing, and starchy potato dishes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reach for a rich red for the main course. The key is to choose fruit-forward varieties that burst with flavor on their own and play the perfect supporting role for turkey, stuffing, and all those fixings. This sweet spot is where wineries in southern Wisconsin can steal the show; compared to European counterparts, grapes grown in the region tend to be sweeter and fruitier. In other words, perfect for a fall feast. 

Hidden Holiday Gems at Wineries in Southern Wisconsin

When you’re gearing up for a Thanksgiving feast, choosing a wine can often be the most intimidating aspect of the entire menu. From comprehensive wine tastings, you can book online to our multi-tier wine club. We’re here to help you celebrate all your special moments deliciously. Our wide range of varieties boasts a wide variety of fruity, flavorful wines sure to sweeten your Thanksgiving experience.