12 Days of Christmas Holiday Wine Guide

The Holidays Can Be Stressful, Wine Shouldn’t Be!

Relax and follow Timber Hill Winery’s 12 Days of Christmas and Great Holiday Wine Giveaway…

The Timber Hill Winery family would like to encourage all to spend the holidays doing things you enjoy, with loved ones and friends and make your holiday season the best it can be. One way we know many of our customers will be doing this is by enjoying our wines. So today, we are excited to launch the first day of our 12 Days of Christmas and Great Holiday Wine Giveaway on Facebook. Each day through December 21st we will be sharing tips on how to cook with wine, pair wine, shop for wine, enjoy wine and also give away something special to one friend who likes and comments on our posts. Prizes include Timber Hill Winery wine and accessories, including a wine club membership.

On the first day of Christmas, my wine gave me a sparkle!

Sparkling wines really can go with any holiday occasion. They make a fun drink all on their own, or can easily pair with any meal. Sparkling wines like our #SundayFunday, or specialty blends like the Cranberry wine, make a perfect gift for the hostess or to place under the tree from Santa. You can also use sparkling wine to create delicious holiday cocktails like a Cherry Mimosa or a seasonal wine to mix up a Cranberry Spritzer.

On the second day of Christmas, mocha and vanilla made friends with my beef tenderloin!

Most winemakers always get the question of what wines go best with a holiday feast. Our Foch is a dry red
wine that is a deep ruby red. Our winemaker says it would pair great with your Christmas roast or beef
tenderloin because of its robust flavors that hint of mocha and vanilla and give a smooth and enjoyable finish to
heavier meals.

On the third day of Christmas, my wine made me blush!

Although it’s true that our wine-drinking face may turn several shades of red and pink similar to Ole’ St. Nick, we aren’t talking about that type of blush. If you are looking for a safe gift for the holiday hostess, try a sweet blush wine that is easy to drink and one most party guests will enjoy. Santa’s pick is good for Tuesday but can really be uncorked any day of the week. Hop on your sleigh and grab a bottle of #TuesdayBoozeday.

On the fourth day of Christmas, I tasted 5 Timber Hill wines for free!

Get the most out of your holiday break by stopping into the winery for a tasting. A tasting can make an easy outing since just about anyone can taste wine, all they need is a glass and our easy steps to wine tasting.

1. Look: Check out the color, opacity, and viscosity, also known as the wine’s legs.
2. Smell: When you first start smelling wine, think big and then small. Timber Hill wines have hints of citrus, orchard, or tropical fruits as well as red fruits, blue fruits, or black fruits and smoky and bold smells. Don’t be frustrated by smelling more than one aroma we would rather you relax and take a sip.
3. Taste: All wines are going to have some sour, because grapes all inherently have some acid. This varies with climate and grape type. We use cold-climate varietals which tend to make our blends more delicate and easier to love.
4. Repeat or Conclude: Ask yourself if you liked the wine? Was this wine unique or unmemorable? Were there any characteristics that shined through and impressed you? Now go buy a bottle to enjoy at home!

On the fifth day of Christmas, I wrapped my presents and drank a Brandy Old Fashioned!

The winery recently helped ring in the holiday season, by completing our popular #SocialSweetSeries as the long awaited seventh and final day of the week, #FinallyFriday was added to the mix. This is a sweet red wine with an extra flare of Wisconsin Brandy. For a limited time, you can stop at the winery and our winemaker Amanda will cheerfully mix you up a Wisconsin favorite, the Brandy Old Fashioned using her #FinallyFriday wine. Or, grab a bottle and enjoy this specialty wine while wrapping your Christmas gifts at home.

brandy old fashioned

On the sixth day of Christmas, I fooled the elves and used wine as my secret ingredient!

Jalapeno Wine?! Yes, it is true, Timber Hill has a wine made from jalapenos! And just like a fresh jalapeno, it is bold and spicy! Only the brave can sip it by itself, but once you add it to some of your favorite winter recipes like fajitas, chili, or even your Bloody Mary, you will see how delicious it can be. We guarantee you will add one more thing to Santa’s list.

On the seventh day of Christmas, my kids were sassy and my wine was too!

A glass (or a bottle) of #SassySangria, a sweet red wine with a twist of peach, lemon, and berries is perfect for sipping and easing the stress of Christmas vacation. If you don’t have our blend, let us help you take a spin on your own sangria by adding fruit to any red or white wine you might have stocked away. A sweeter wine with a splash of cranberry juice and sparkling apple cider works just fine but if a deep red is all you have, we say go
for it. Finish it off with fresh Wisconsin cranberries, oranges and crisp apples too. We have lots of holiday drink recipes on our website at https://timberhillwinery.com/recipes.html

On the eighth day of Christmas, I planned my holiday meal!

The general food pairing methodology that aids in holiday meal plans says that dark meats like beef typically go well with heavier, robust red wines and wines that pair with chicken or ham dishes are usually lighter in flavor and color. We like to tell people to keep it simple, have a both a red and white wine available, but most importantly always drink the wines you enjoy the most.

On the ninth day of Christmas, my wine didn’t give me a headache!

The holidays often push us to overfill our plate and our glass, especially if we are enjoying ourselves at a holiday party or get together. We suggest you stick to the rule of moderation, especially when it comes to alcohol. You will thank us for this advice later. It only takes three standard glasses of wine for men and two for women to start feelings those rosy cheeks come alive. Put a cork on your wine and enjoy what is left at another time. If you do over indulge and your cup has runneth over, under no circumstances should you drive.

On the tenth day of Christmas, my holiday glazed ham met under the mistletoe with a golden friend.

Your favorite wines and dishes can easily become lovers over the holidays. Our winemaker recommends a medium body dry white, like Diamond to flirt with your turkey, chicken or ham dishes. This Timber Hill wine has a pronounced floral bouquet that is easily loved and rounded out with a hint of golden apple and a lingering
finish perfect to keep a wine drinker coming back for more.

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, three bottles of #SocialSweetSeries for free.

The #SocialSweetSeries was introduced in 2016 and includes a specialty wine for each day of the week. Our winemaker’s goal for the series was to create blends that can easily appeal to any wine enthusiast and allow others to also become a part of their wine drinking experience. The wines are fun to share with others but even the solo wine drinker can quickly be among friends by connecting through their favorite #SocialSweetSeries hashtag, found on each uniquely designed bottle. For the month of December, purchase your holiday six pack of the #SocialSweetSeries, Saturday thru Thursday bottles, and you will receive #FinallyFriday for free! Promotion valid while supplies last.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Timber Hill Winery gave me a Herd Holiday gift membership for free!

Merry Christmas from Timber Hill Winery and thank you to everyone who joined us for our 12 Days of Christmas and Great Holiday Wine Giveaway! On this last day of Christmas for us, we are giving away a Holiday membership to our Herd wine club as a way to show our appreciation to all who have supported us over the year. This membership will get you 1 bottle of Timber Hill wine and 1 free tasting a month for three months. The membership also includes a 10 percent off discount on all purchases, exclusive choices on new wine releases, and invites to member only events. This membership prize will be a monthly pick-up only at the winery located in Milton, Wisconsin. Herd Holiday memberships are the gift that keeps giving even after the holidays!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. This giveaway is open only to those who are 21 years of age or older at time of entry. Prizes must be picked up at the winery in Milton, WI during regular business hours.  Runs 12/10/17 to 12/21/17 with a total of 12 days of prizes. To enter, participants must like and comment on day of entry post. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. You understand that you are providing your information to the owner of this Facebook page and not to Facebook. Please enjoy our wines responsibly.

Congratulations to the following winners!!!

Day 1 – Bottle of Sunday Funday: Judy Hill
Day 2 – Bottle of Foch: Roger Williams
Day 3 – Bottle of Tuesday Blush: Miranda Hull
Day 4 – Wine Tasting for 4: Deb Martin
Day 5 – Bottle of Finally Friday: Deb Oliver
Day 6 – Bottle of Jalapeño: Shannon Reidle
Day 7 – Wine and Chocolate Tasting: Sarah Schmatzhagen
Day 8 – Bottle of Reserve Red and Seyval Blanc: Kari Kyle
Day 9 – Three Haley’s Corkers: Alicia Shepherd
Day 10 – Bottle of Diamond: Kelly Watson
Day 11 – Three Bottles of Social Sweets: Emily Arthur
Day 12 – Herd Holiday Membership: Madonna Willger

THANK YOU to everyone who participated! We greatly appreciate your support!