Get to Know Us at Timber Hill Winery
One of the Best Wineries in Wisconsin!

We have more than twenty different varieties from our small family-run winery in southern Wisconsin. We create wines that leave an impression from start to finish, built from Wisconsin vineyards. Our winemaker enjoys coming up with varieties made for the appreciation, the joy, and the pure love of making and sharing delicious wine.

The Winery

Our boutique winery located just off the Ice Age Trail in Rock County between Madison and Janesville, has a unique appeal in pairing people, wine, and experiences perfectly. We offer a surprising treat of affordable wines made with a variety of cold climate grapes. From the crushing of the grapes to the pour in your glass, we do it all with the joy of helping you appreciate the wine drinking moment you are in. 

Our Winemaker

Haaaave you met Amanda?! Amanda is one of the country’s youngest female winemakers and winery owners. She prides herself in making wines with youthful energy and lasting impressions. After studying Microbiology at the University of Iowa and continuing her education in Wine Making and Winery Management from Kirkwood College, Amanda has been able to mix her interest in wine and unique education to capture the attention of – and contribute to – the culture of Wisconsin’s wine drinking community. 

Fun Fact: She has traveled to every continent but Antarctica!

Favorite TH Wine: How can you possibly choose one?! Lately, Marquette Rose has been the go to!

Meet the Staff

From the crushing of the grapes, to the final bottling and serving of the wine, we have the perfect blend of family, friends, neighbors, wine enthusiasts, and Timber Hill Winery taste experience specialists to see the processes through. 

Learn more about the amazing team we have at Timber Hill Winery:

Paige Butler Marketing and Events Manager


Paige is our Marketing and Events Manager. She helps run our social media channels, schedule events in the tasting room, and much more! Fun Fact: She loves doing things outdoors with her family like camping, boating, and running. Favorite TH Wine: Widow's Weekend

Julie Lindaas Sales Representative


Julie is our Sales Representative. She helps in the tasting room with wine clubs, tastings, and basically everything! She also delivers wine to all of our wholesale locations. Fun Fact: Julie has 11 Grandchildren! Favorite TH Wine: Throwback Thursday

James Assistant Winemaker


James is our Assistant Winemaker. He has enjoyed learning more about wine-making while working behind the scenes at the winery. Fun Fact: James was recruited to play in an "Old Man" Soccer League and loves to play soccer in his free time. Favorite TH Wine: Finally Friday Fiery Red

Kim Branning


Kim is our resident optimist and one of our Tasting Room Attendants. She loves to laugh, craft, travel, and spend time with all her boys(son, dog, and boyfriend!) Fun Fact: Before she was a TR Attendant she was a Flight Attendant. Favorite TH Wine: Antler Shed Red


Therese is a volunteer turned Tasting Room Attendant. She enjoys working in the yard and crafting in her spare time. Fun Fact: She loves spending time with her grandson!
Favorite TH Wine: La Crescent, Raspberry Rose, Blueberry, and anxiously awaiting Seyval Blanc.

Tim O'Leary


Tim's official title is Dad, but he is also our handy man and so much more! He is our winemaker Amanda's Dad and has played a major role in getting the winery to where it is today. Fun Fact: He built our beautiful bar from scratch. Favorite TH Wine: He is also the father of the Jalapeño wine!

Amber Linnerud


Amber is one of our Tasting Room Attendants. When Amber isn't at the winery on the weekend's she is cheering on her son Avery at the racetrack. Fun Fact: Her favorite food is Sushi! Favorite TH Wine: Wine Wednesday and Margarita Monday


Jodi is one of our Tasting Room Attendants. She loves to go hiking and spend time outdoors. Fun Fact: She is an expert at opening Sparkling Wine! Favorite TH Wine: Widows Weekend & Raspberry Rose

Becky Persons


Becky is one of our Tasting Room Attendants. She has met a lot of wonderful customers working at Timber Hill winery! Fun Fact: She's been married to her husband David for almost 24 years. They have two beautiful daughters - Cora and Kailey! Favorite TH Wine: Spiced White



Jeff is one of our Tasting Room Attendants. In addition to his ramped-up love for wine since joining Timber Hill, he also collects and reviews different whiskeys on Instagram and YouTube. Fun Fact: He can play 5 different instruments. Favorite TH wine: Watermelon and Sparkling Almond.

Would you like to join our team?

  We are a growing small business! If you have a strong passion for wine, a positive attitude, and want to be a part of the team send your resume to and we will let you know when we are hiring next!

Wisconsin Winemaking

 In the winemaking world, it’s often heard that you can’t make good wine without great grapes. That is why we use wines crafted from meticulously farmed cold climate vineyards.. The vineyards boast the best sites, so our wines can express the flavors of the places they are grown and represent each glass we pour. But more importantly, these grape growers cultivate the passion and character needed to make Timber Hill Wines at the center of a true Wisconsin made wine drinking experience. 

Vineyard Partners