Get to Know Us at Timber Hill Winery
One of the Best Wineries in Wisconsin!

We have more than forty different varieties from our small family-run winery in southern Wisconsin. We create wines that leave an impression from start to finish, built from Wisconsin vineyards. Our winemaker enjoys coming up with varieties made for the appreciation, the joy, and the pure love of making and sharing delicious wine.

The Winery

Our boutique winery located just off the Ice Age Trail in Rock County between Madison and Janesville, has a unique appeal in pairing people, wine, and experiences perfectly. We offer a surprising treat of affordable wines made with a variety of cold climate grapes. From the crushing of the grapes to the pour in your glass, we do it all with the joy of helping you appreciate the wine drinking moment you are in. 

Wisconsin Wine Production
Timber Hill Winery gallery Amanda processing grapes in the vineyard

Our Winemaker

Haaaave you met Amanda?! Amanda is one of the country’s youngest female winemakers and winery owners. She prides herself in making wines with youthful energy and lasting impressions. After studying Microbiology at the University of Iowa and continuing her education in Wine Making and Winery Management from Kirkwood College, Amanda has been able to mix her interest in wine and unique education to capture the attention of – and contribute to – the culture of Wisconsin’s wine drinking community. 

Fun Fact: She has traveled to every continent but Antarctica!

Favorite TH Wine: How can you possibly choose one?! Lately, Marquette Rose has been the go to!

Meet the Staff

From the crushing of the grapes, to the final bottling and serving of the wine, we have the perfect blend of family, friends, neighbors, wine enthusiasts, and Timber Hill Winery taste experience specialists to see the processes through. 

Learn more about the amazing team we have at Timber Hill Winery:

Julie - Staff Photos


Julie has been with us since nearly the beginning and is our original Sales Representative. She is very knowledgeable about all things Timber Hill and enjoys helping out in the Tasting Room whenever she can. Fun Fact: Julie has 13 Grandchildren! Favorite TH Wine: Throwback Thursday

Christiane - Staff Photos


Christiane is our General Manager and the resilient backbone of Timber Hill Winery. Her tireless dedication to managing everything from staff to supplies ensures our winery runs smoothly. Without her ceaseless efforts and commitment, our journey wouldn't be the same. Fun Fact: She is hilarious and hosts comedy shows at the winery! Favorite TH Wine: Antler Shed Red

team insta


Ali is our Event Coordinator! She skillfully handles every detail of all of our public and private events. For all your special occasions, Ali is your go-to person. From booking to hosting, she's dedicated to crafting memorable gatherings for you. Reach out to Ali and let's create the best moments together!
Favorite TH Wine: Wine Wednesday


Ethan is everyone's favorite co-worker. He greets each person with a smile and always lends a helping hand. He supports the tasting room by making sure it is always clean and stocked, and he does it with pride. He also provides our weekly weather report!
Fun Fact: Ethan loves to go golfing!
Favorite TH wine: Margarita Monday


Megan is one of our wonderful Assistant Managers here at Timber Hill! She is not only a warm and welcoming presence, but also exceptional in customer service and leading our team. We are so fortunate to have her with us!
Favorite TH Wine: Almond


Katelyn is one of our Assistant Managers at the winery! She brings an unmatched work ethic to our Tasting Room and is so encouraging, always motivating our team with positivity. Katelyn ensures everything runs like clockwork, creating a seamless experience for our guests. Favorite TH Wine: Selfie Sangria

Rianne - Staff Photos


Rianne works both front-of-house and behind the scenes. From pouring wine as a Tasting Room Attendant to creating content as our Marketing Coordinator. Catch her on weekends in the tasting room or during the week, managing our social media, newsletters, and all things marketing. Favorite TH wine: Chardonel


Bri is one of our outstanding Tasting Room Attendants. She works hard to care for our guests, and her support for her teammates truly sets her apart. Her willingness to learn and grow has not gone unnoticed. We're grateful she's part of our winery family! Favorite TH Wine: Big Buck Blueberry

Jayme - Staff Photos


Jayme rocks the tasting room on the weekends pouring tastings and drinks, helping with events, and so much more.
Fun Fact: She had her wedding reception at the winery!
Favorite TH Wine: Disco Daydream


Taylor is another amazing Tasting Room Attendant that truly shines! She has been a long-time fan of Timber Hill and came to us after serving in the military! She is a hard worker and a phenomenal member of our team.
Favorite TH Wine: Frontenac


Jaida is a hardworking Tasting Room Attendant here at Timber Hill. She makes serving our guests look easy. She keeps the wine flowing and spirits high, eager to help out our team! Between perfect pours, she makes sure our bar is always spotless and well-stocked. Favorite TH Wine: Bubbly Boozeday


Hannah is one of our Tasting Room Attendants! She loves engaging with our customers. Plus, she enjoys being the vibrant host of our trivia nights! Visit us on a Friday evening, and you might just be lucky enough to experience her fun-filled trivia! Favorite TH Wine: Big Buck Blueberry


Kayla is a Tasting Room Attendant, and she takes incredible care of everyone who visits us! She is also the magic behind our merchandise and retail area of the winery. Swing by our gift shop to experience her warm welcome and explore our unique selection of items.
Favorite TH Wine: Mermaid Muscat


Shay is one of our dedicated Tasting Room Attendants at the winery. Always brimming with positivity and a warm smile, Shay is ever ready to enhance your experience at our bar. We can always count on her. Come by to experience her exceptional service! Favorite TH Wine: Black Diamond


Meet Emi! As one of our talented Tasting Room Attendants, she ensures our guests are well taken care of. Her bubbly personality is always a joy to work with. With experience in bartending, Emi loves connecting with our guests and is eager to learn more about our wine selection.


Meet Leon! With decades of kitchen experience, he's the one whipping up all your favorite dishes at Timber Hill Winery. His passion and skills keep our kitchen running smoothly even on the busiest days! Favorite TH Wine: Tuesday Boozeday


Niki is one of our Kitchen Attendants here at the winery! She is one of our unsung heroes, keeping our guests well-fed and happy! She's helpful and hardworking, and our kitchen crew is lucky to have her.
Favorite TH Wine:


Say hello to Ashley, our Food Runner and occasional Hostess, always ready to serve with enthusiasm! Her efficiency, ever-present smile, and versatility make your dining experience easier every time.


Chandra is one of our vibrant Tasting Room Attendants who lights up our weekends with her bright smile and cheerful energy! Always on the move, she's ready to assist anyone around her and has seamlessly become a delightful part of our team. Favorite TH Wine: Sparkling Almond


Meet Amber! As a Tasting Room Attendant, she's become an invaluable asset to the Timber Hill team. Her positive attitude and unwavering work ethic are matched only by her friendly personality. She makes both our staff and guests feel right at home. Favorite TH Wine: 14 Pointer


Amanda started her journey with us as a hostess and has now evolved into one of our exceptional Tasting Room Attendants. Her hard work and genuine nature shine through in her service. When you're with Amanda, rest assured, you're in the best of hands. Favorite TH Wine: Big Buck Blueberry


Taylor is a Tasting Room Attendant here at the winery. With her prior serving experience, she's already a pro, but her eagerness to learn more just adds to her shine. So grateful to have her as part of our team!
Favorite TH Wine: Black Diamond


Say hello to our fabulous Tasting Room Attendant, Kaitlin! Her knack for delivering amazing service has made her a weekend favorite with our guests. If you've had the pleasure of meeting her, you know she's nothing short of a rock star! Favorite TH Wine: Foch


Holly is one of our newest stars in the tasting room! Her passion for wine and people is infectious and she's already charming our customers with her knowledge and service. When she's not pouring your next favorite wine, she's making a difference in healthcare! Favorite TH Wine: Middle of the Road


Meet Landon, our dedicated food runner here at the winery! His mission? To ensure your culinary delights make a swift and seamless journey from our kitchen to your table.

Tim O'Leary


(5.16.53-3.17.22) Tim's official title was Dad, but he was also our handy man and so much more! He is our winemaker Amanda's Dad and played a major role in getting the winery to where it is today. Fun Fact: He built our beautiful bar from scratch. Favorite TH Wine: He is also the father of the Jalapeño wine!

Would you like to join our team?

  We are a growing small business! If you have a strong passion for wine, a positive attitude, and want to be a part of the team send your resume to and we will let you know when we are hiring next!

Wisconsin Winemaking

 In the winemaking world, it’s often heard that you can’t make good wine without great grapes. That is why we use wines crafted from meticulously farmed cold climate vineyards.. The vineyards boast the best sites, so our wines can express the flavors of the places they are grown and represent each glass we pour. But more importantly, these grape growers cultivate the passion and character needed to make Timber Hill Wines at the center of a true Wisconsin made wine drinking experience. 

Vineyard Partners