Planting Vines of Hope: Timber Hill Winery’s Collaboration with Webs of Grief

Adopt a Vine Event - Saturday May 20th 10 AM

At Timber Hill Winery, we believe in the power of community, compassion, and connection. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our upcoming event, the Adopt a Vine Event Saturday, May 20th, in partnership with the remarkable local non-profit organization, Webs of Grief. Join us as we embark on a journey that beautifully intertwines the growth of our vineyard with the healing of grieving hearts.

Why did we choose to team up with Webs of Grief for this event? The answer lies in a deeply personal story that resonates with us and highlights the profound impact of honoring loved ones while embracing the excitement of what’s to come.

Two years ago, as we planted the first vines in our vineyard, Amanda’s father, Tim, was by our side, lending his expertise and support. Little did we know that Tim’s presence would forever be etched in the essence of Timber Hill Winery. Tragically, Tim lost his battle with Brain Cancer, leaving a void in our hearts and a determination to pay tribute to his memory.

This is where Webs of Grief enters the picture. As an organization dedicated to helping those who have experienced the loss of loved ones find solace and healing, Webs of Grief aligns perfectly with our mission. They provide a supportive network, resources, and guidance, allowing individuals to navigate the intricate journey of grief and emerge stronger on the other side.

The Adopt a Vine Event offers a unique opportunity for participants to plant a vine in memory of their cherished ones. It’s a chance to commemorate their lives and celebrate the enduring legacy they have left behind. But this event is not solely reserved for those touched by loss; it’s open to everyone who shares in the excitement of contributing to something truly special.

As each vine takes root in the fertile soil of our vineyard, it symbolizes not only the growth of our winery but also the collective healing of grieving hearts. It’s a tangible manifestation of hope and resilience, a testament to the power of unity and support.

We invite you to join us on this meaningful journey. Whether you come to honor the memory of a loved one or simply because you’re captivated by the enchanting world of winemaking, we promise an unforgettable experience. As you plant a vine, you become a part of something greater—a vibrant community committed to nurturing life, celebrating love, and embracing the promising future that lies ahead.

At Timber Hill Winery, we believe that wine has a unique way of bringing people together, forging connections, and creating lasting memories. And through our collaboration with Webs of Grief, we hope to extend that transformative power, weaving a tapestry of compassion, healing, and shared dreams.

Mark your calendars and join us for the Adopt a Vine Event. Let’s come together, raise a glass to the past, savor the present, and toast to a future that holds endless possibilities.

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