Which Timber Hill Wines Pair Well with Hearty Foods?

The cold weather is here and one of the best wineries in Wisconsin is ready for it! The summer heat has faded, and the last bits of fall are quickly leaving. Now begins the warm comfort of sweater weather, roaring fireplaces, and rich, hearty winter menus. Seasonal fare is at its absolute best when paired with wines that complement the dishes, rather than getting lost in the shuffle or stealing the show. Learn more about the ins and outs of pairing winter foods with wine from one of the best wineries in Wisconsin.

  • Something Sparkling — Bubbles are beautiful any time of year, but they’re particularly delightful during winter celebrations. Bottles like SundayFunday Sparkling and Bubbly Boozeday fit the bill perfectly, going from dessert plates to celebratory toasts with ease. 


  • Deep, Dark Reds — The nights are longer and darker; it only makes sense to reach for an equally deep and dark red wine for those evening gatherings. The delectable combination of Concord grape and cranberry make Crazy Crancord a seasonal smash, pairing as beautifully with roasted veggies and meats as it does fruit plates and rich desserts. Looking for a more straightforward Cranberry taste for your winter feast hit? Timber Hill Cranberry carries a slightly sweet, slightly tart flavor throughout a special meal. 5th Anniversary Reserve Red is another great bet, with a distinct flavor perfect for the richest, heaviest meals.


  • Bring the Heat — Mittens, scarves and hats only go so far toward keeping you warm in the winter weather. Timber Hill’s Finally Friday Fiery Red warms you from the inside out and beautifully holds its own when combined with everything from red meat and carbs to rich seafood and vegetables. The Finally Friday Fiery Red has an added splash of Wisconsin Brandy. Other spiced varieties put their unique spins on classic reds and are ideal partners for a wintry meal.

Stocking Up on Seasonal Faves from the Best Wineries in Wisconsin

Winter weather is cold, but the gatherings of loved ones and memories made are infinitely warm. So, when you’re looking for a one-stop solution for stocking up on winter wines, why not consider the 12 Wines of Christmas box from one of the best wineries in Wisconsin? Available for pickup in-store or shipping out of state, you’re able to mix and match your winter favorites for a truly unique and exciting selection. The 12 Wines of Christmas box has exclusive flavors that will only be available with the purchase of this box. Timber Hill can help you create the box of your dreams, a true gift all winter long.