Bottle Bracket Contest

Bottle Bracket Event

The Bottle Bracket Details

Timber Hill Winery is having a ‘madness’ style tournament! We have created a bracket with 32 of our wines on it. You will need to download the bracket (or pick one up at the winery), complete it, and return it to us by 5pm Sunday, March 15th. You can drop off completed brackets at the winery or email them to We are going to have daily polls set up between March 16th and April 6th. The wine with the most votes will win that duel and move on to the next stage of the competition. Only one wine will be left standing as the ultimate champion! Share the polls every day to get more votes for your choice. We will have an open house style kickoff party on Sunday, March 15th with snacks and celebration! We hope you can join us for this exciting competition, the GRAND prize is a case of wine!

Bottle Bracket Instructions

To complete the bracket, you will need to pick which wine you think will win in the poll. For example, if you think Cranberry will get more votes than Sunday Funday you will write Cranberry on the line coming off the pair. That will be the first wine in the matchup of the next round. Then you continue picking the winners of the next round. This will eventually narrow the wines down to one ultimate champion wine.