Cheers to Fall Wine

Fall in southeast Wisconsin is a wonderful time of year that all wine-lovers look forward to. As the leaves turn colors and days grow shorter, we enjoy apple-picking, pumpkin-spiced everything, and sweet-potato dishes served with roasted meats like ham, turkey, and beef. We celebrate our bounty served up with our favorite rich and bold wines. At Timber Hill Winery, we have over 20 wonderful choices of wines to choose from to pair with your favorite harvest dishes or share at your next gathering.  


Southern Wisconsin Wine is Special

In wine-making, the region in which your wine is grown and developed is critical when creating a unique local wine. French wine is named after the area it’s grown in because their processes and grapes differ from that of other regions. They use specific grapes and fruits which grow well in their climate. Here in southeastern Wisconsin, our winery creates table reds, whites, and specialty wines from cold-weather grape varieties. We also use local fruits and produce to go with your favorite fall Wisconsin dishes.


Why Fall is a Great Time to Visit Timber Hill Winery

We love seasonal flavors and offer fun wines with unexpected twists. This year we have great fall events scheduled which combine our love of finely crafted wines with live entertainment and other seasonal activities. Our regular weekly Wineo Bingo (complete with fun prizes) is free and fun for the entire family. Check out our Friday Trivia Nights and grab a bottle of our newly released Marqette Rose while you’re here. Want to make a night out of it with a wine-tasting? Come on in, order one of our wonderful Wisconsin cheese trays, pub cheese and pretzels, or chips and salsa to accompany our $5 tasting of 5 separate wines. What a fun, affordable way to spend your cool nights out with friends or out-of-town guests. Don’t forget to make reservations for parties of 8 or more! View all upcoming events at the winery here.