Dog Mom Essentials

We've got the guide to help your furry friend put a little extra wag in their tail!


Of course we have to start out with some fun for the furry friends! These toys will bring joy to your dog. Available in shapes like ‘Muttscato’, avocado toast, Bloody Mary, waffles and even ‘Puptron Tequila’! These toys are for sale at Timber Hill ranging from $12-$14. Your dog will be the talk of the canine world with these special trinkets!

Pet Toys and Wine

Dog Wine

You four-legged friend gets thirsty on those long walks around the neighborhood! Let them cool down with some non-alcoholic wine! Flavors include: Fetch-Me Grigio and Pawrignon! Straight from the Pet Winery, these flavors are sure to have your dog begging for more! These wines are sold at Timber Hill for $9-$15.

**these are non-alcoholic and safe for pet consumption**

Timber Hill Wines

Wine (for humans this time)

We can’t let the dogs have all the fun! Of course, dog moms want and deserve all the wine they need. Here at Timber Hill, we can help you choose your favorite flavor by doing a wine tasting, then you can grab a bottle to go so you can put a little pep in your step during your nightly walks. We have a flavor for everyone, from dry to sweet to our spicy Jalapeno wine, you’ll certainly find something you love! You can also check out Ali’s Pour Decisions to make your own wine cocktail!

Wine Tumblers

These wine tumblers are perfect for those summer nightly walks with your pup! They keep your wine chilled so you can sip with ease while spending some time with your canine companion. As they say, “it’s not drinking alone if your dog is home!”

You can find the pink tumblers from this Etsy shop! Grab the teal one here.



Wine Tumblers

Custom Dog Socks

How fun are these socks! You can customize your own pair with your own furry friend on them. Why just hang out with your dog when you could wear them too? These socks come in all different colors with cute little details on them! If they aren’t on your Dog Mom list, they should be!

Dog Socks and Coasters


These cute graphic dog face coasters are a staple in any dog friendly household. The modern design makes these coasters a must! If you don’t want human guests to ruin your table with their drinks, grab these coasters to help keep your home tidy!

Dog Treats

Dog Treats

If new toys or wine isn’t enough, your four-legged friend could always use more treats! We found a four-ingredient recipe that your dog will go crazy for! These peanut butter treats will leave your pup begging for more, and let’s be honest, can you even resist those puppy dog eyes?

All you need is: peanut butter, unsweetened applesauce, chicken or beef stock and whole wheat flour. Mix up these ingredients and bake them to treat your dog to something special. The detailed recipe can be found here.

Collar and Leash

Your dog is going to be the envy of the neighborhood with this velvet leash and collar set! Available in seven different colors, your furry friend will be walking in style around the dog park. This set fits dogs of all sizes! The company that made this set offers it in extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large. You’ll be sure to find a great fit!

Dog Collar