Eat, Drink and Be Merry

The holiday season is here! Local, seasonal wines are the perfect gift for family, friends, and co-workers
at your holiday parties and gatherings.

Wine and Food Gift Ideas
Timber Hill Winery has a wide variety of reds, whites, social sweets, specialty wines, and some exciting
new-release wines. Why not show how much you care with a basket of our wine and an accompanying snacks? Many of our wines will go with several choices to mix and match. Here are some great ideas to
get you started:

Fruit and Cheese Basket – Fruit and Cheese is a classic gift basket. Berries and pears go well with
a chunk of Wisconsin havarti or a sharp cheddar wedge. Make it unexpected and special with
one of our golden yellow wines, such as Edelweiss or Muscat.
Fiesta Spice Basket – Your best neighbors like spicy food? Wow them with gourmet blue tortilla
chips, a specialty pepper salsa, and our La Crescent or Traminette white wines! Walk on the wild
side and add a bottle of our Jalapeno wine, too!
TGIF Basket – Anyone can use a great basket to wind down with on a Friday night after a long
week. Our Finally Friday Fiery Red is enhanced with a “flare” of Wisconsin brandy. Go the extra
mile and make your own tin of chocolate-dipped bacon for that time-to-relax snack.
Sweet & Sour Basket – Our local specialty wines provide perfect “sweet and sour” holiday
options. Dried strawberries, fruit turnovers, and scones go very well with our brisk Rhubarb or
Cranberry wine.
Hunters’ Basket – A great gift for the men in your life. Why not put together a great robust red
like our Antler Shed Red or our specialty Cranberry wine with some locally-made venison jerky
and cured dried sausage?

Give the Gift of Taste
These are only a few of the many combinations to try. Not sure you know what to put together with our
Marquette Rose or Big Buck Blueberry wines for that special client or friend coming into town? Come try a wine-tasting and decide for yourself what foods go perfectly with that special bottle. Whether putting
together a basket of goodies, bringing a special wine for a gathering you were invited to, or setting the
table for guests yourself, our wines create a special experience worth sharing.