Embrace the Elegance of Frosted Cranberry Wine

As the vibrant autumn leaves give way to the crisp air and we anticipate the joyous celebrations of the holiday season, there’s no better time to introduce the delectable “Wine of the Month” at Timber Hill Winery: the exquisite Frosted Cranberry. It features the traditional tart flavor of our original Cranberry with an extra touch of sweetness to set it apart.

Complete with an elegant burst of glitter, this seasonal delight is destined to become your go-to choice for gifting or enhancing the ambiance of your festive gatherings. It’s truly as gorgeous as it is delicious.

This seasonal favorite is tailor-made for all your holiday festivities. Whether you’re seeking the perfect hostess gift or aiming to grace your dining table with a touch of elegance, Frosted Cranberry is the ideal choice. Its versatility ensures it complements various dishes, making it a perfect addition to every festive feast.

Members Get Frosted Cranberry Wine First

For the entire month of November, Timber Hill Winery is offering exclusive access to bottles of Frosted Cranberry to their loyal Herd Wine Club members. All are welcome to indulge in this seasonal wonder during wine tastings or savor a glass at the winery. However, only Herd Members have the privilege of purchasing bottles to take home and share with loved ones this month. Bottles will be available for purchase to all visitors starting December 1st, while supplies last.

If you’re eager to be among the first to own Frosted Cranberry Wine, joining the Herd Wine Club is your ticket to November’s exclusive access.

Membership in the Herd Wine Club not only grants you early access to the Wine of the Month but also provides free wine tastings and an additional 10% discount on all other bottles purchased.

Cheers to the Holidays with Frosted Cranberry Wine

Don’t miss the chance to celebrate the holiday season in style with the Frosted Cranberry at Timber Hill Winery. Head over to the tasting room, and experience this seasonal marvel for yourself. Whether you’re there for a wine tasting or to savor a glass, let Frosted Cranberry enchant you with its charm.

As you plan your holiday season and prepare to gift, dine, and celebrate, make Frosted Cranberry from Timber Hill Winery your perfect companion. With its balance of flavors and touch of elegance, it’s more than just a wine—it’s a reminder of the joy and merriment that defines the holiday season.

Frosted Cranberry