Five Irresistible Wine Facts Make Your Valentine’s Day Cork Pop

With Valentine’s Day nearly here, romance is in the air and big plans are being made. If you are thinking of including a bottle of wine to pair with the occasion, our winemaker is sharing five surprising ways your Rosé, Sparkling, Red or White, is sure to help you celebrate this special lover’s holiday.

No. 1: Wine Creates an Intimate Response

The aroma of wine itself can replicate human pheromones, the chemicals that cause intimate responses in humans. To help awaken your Valentine’s day wine, fill your glasses about a third full and gently swirl them to encourage the wine to release all of its powerful aromas. Breathe in deep and search for the scents. Ask your partner to do the same.

No. 2: Wine Toasts Help Fill Your Loved One’s Heart with Self-Affirmation

Toasts are very much a part of the special occasions in our lives and Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be excluded. Toasting to a glass of wine can offer the perfect opportunity to let someone know how you feel. We believe it’s the simplest words that often sound the sincerest, so take a moment to think about what your special person means to you and be yourself and give a toast from the heart. If you are at a loss for words, we suggest this simple wine toast written by our creative wine-drinking friends at the winery:

“Here’s to our love and the sparkling wine; I’ll be your sweetheart tonight, if you’ll be mine.”

No. 3: Wine Helps You Sparkle and Glow

We all want to look our best for that special someone this Valentine’s Day so take our tip to sip on some red wine before your night starts. Red wine can help restore your skin’s original glow, making wine drinkers look more attractive. It’s not magic or long lasting, but it is one of the many benefits of choosing a red wine over white.

No. 4: Wine Talk Can Be Deliciously Satisfying

Just talking about how a wine taste can be the perfect libation to heat up the flames. Try working some of these common ways to describe wine into your evening and see what happens.

  • BIG
  • BITE
  • BODY
  • LUSH

We are blushing, and not from the red wine.

No. 5: Wine Drinkers Have Better Sex

Red Wines are well attributed to positive health benefits, but did you know that red wine actually stimulates sexual desire in women? An Italian study found that women who drink two glasses of wine a day have better sex than those who don’t drink at all. But keep it within range ladies. That means share a bottle between you and your lover. It’s the perfect amount for you to each have two glasses and experience the positive vibrations the partnership of wine and sex can deliver.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day, friends!

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