Halloween Candy and Wine Pairing Guide

Widows Weekend pairs perfectly with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. The mellow tones from the wine pair wonderfully with the combination of the chocolate and peanut butter

The chocolate and nuttiness of both the Chocolate Lush wine and the Snickers candy bar join together in perfect harmony.

Pair your Smarties with Sunday Funday! Both have a pizzazz and effervescence that can’t be matched!

The nutty center and chocolate exterior of a Whopper melds beautifully with the deep richness and bold notes of Antler Shed Red.

Timber Hill Winery can not condone the pairing of candy corn with any wine, drink, food, or consumable of any kind. 

Just kidding, any of our wines will help to take the candy corn taste out of your mouth 🙂

Happy Halloween!