Halloween Candy and Wine Pairings

A list of some popular halloween candy paired with our delicious wines!

Suckers and Cranberry

Caramel Apple Pops and Cranberry

Apple and cranberry are essential fall flavors. Rip open a Caramel Apple Pop and feel the nostalgia! These delicious treats are sweet and sugary with just the right amount of flavor to them. To balance the sweetness of the sucker, our Cranberry wine is sure to bring in the perfect amount of tartness! 

Starburst and Wine Wednesday

It’s okay to steal your kid’s Halloween candy! Everyone does it. Snoop into your child’s trick-or-treating bag and grab some Starburst to pair with our Wine Wednesday White! This sweet white will go perfectly with the fruity flavors of the candy, and if you’re lucky, you child won’t even realize their sweet treat is missing!

Starburst and Wine Wednesday
Candy Corn and Widow's Weekend

Candy Corn and Widow’s Weekend

Some people hate it, some people can’t get enough of it. Whatever your thoughts on Candy Corn are, this treat pairs best with our semi-sweet Widow’s Weekend. The flavors blend beautifully to create and amazing candy experience!

Twizzlers and Muscat

The delicious strawberry flavor of Twizzlers pair perfectly with our sweet white, Muscat! With the slight strawberry after-taste the candy will leave, sip on some Muscat and make your own personal version of our Strawberry wine!

Twizzlers and Muscat
M&M's and Raspberry Rose

M&M’s and Raspberry Rose

Grab a bag of M&M’s and a bottle of our Raspberry Rose to make your own version of chocolate covered raspberries! The chocolate of the candy and the sweet raspberry flavors will make your mouth happy!

Kit Kat and Throwback Thursday

Break yourself off a piece of that Kit Kat bar and pop the cork on our Throwback Thursday to sweeten up your nightcap! The crispness of the chocolate bar and the sweet notes in our wine are sure to take your Halloween from scary to sweet!

Kit Kat and Thursday

Reese’s Cups and La Crescent

The nutty, chocolatey flavor of the Reese’s Cups paired with out semi-dry La Crescent is a duo you need to try! The peanut butter mixed with the crispness of the wine is sure to make your leftover Halloween candy just that much better!