Celebrate Spring Wine with Gems from a Local Milton Winery

Spring Wine is all about bright whites and crisp rosés that you have been waiting for all year! Winter may be the season for heavy holiday dinners and big gatherings, but it’s no secret the colder months can also be a little bit bleak. Spring has sprung, though, and it’s time to chase away those winter doldrums with some delectable, seasonal sips.

Pop a Cork for Spring Wine: The Best Wines to Highlight the Season of Renewal

Spring is all about shaking off the cold and looking forward to new beginnings and a general sense of rebirth. Hearty reds have their place, but this time of year is all about lightness and brightness. This is the moment bright whites and crisp rosés have been waiting for all year!

Perfectly pink and bursting with flavor, rosé is to wines what spring is to the seasons. Just like spring feels like a transitional bridge between winter chill and the dog days of summer, rosé functions as something of a bridge between red and white wines. The in-between ideal serving temperature only bolsters the analogy; unlike warm reds or aggressively chilled whites, rosé is best served at around 65°F.

Timber Hill offers three standout rosés perfect for spring: 

Marquette Rosé – A lighter version of the deep-red Marquette, this wine is crafted from some of Wisconsin’s oldest Marquette vines. Fruit and spice notes from the vine are preserved, making this the textbook definition of a perfect rosé.

Tuesday Boozeday Blush – Sweet, approachable, and delectable, Tuesday Boozeday Blush is perfect any day of the week. This especially holds true during springtime, when you can appreciate the mild temperatures and early-blooming flowers of the season. 

Rainy Day Rosé – Spring showers may bring flowers, but they don’t have to bring you down, especially not when you’re sipping on rosé in the perfect shade of elegant spring pink. 

Big Buck Blueberry: This wine is as smooth as a big buck running through the midnight blue. Enjoy chilled as an after-dinner wine or poured over your favorite dessert.

Raspberry Rose: This wonderful wine is like biting into a big, fresh, juicy red raspberry. Pairs wonderfully with chocolate and cheesecake.

Sunday Funday Sparkling: A sweet and bubbly white wine that makes the perfect base for a Sunday Brunch mimosa.

Muscat: This light-colored and distinctly recognized sweet white wine has hints of citrus, rose, and peach. Pairs well with a light, fruity salad or dessert.

Sassy Saturday Sangria: A sweet red wine with a twist of peach, lemon, and berries is perfect for sipping on the patio all day Saturday.

Get Your Spring Shimmer on with Mermaid Muscat

Spring weather have you longing for the appearance of beach season? There’s nothing wrong with looking forward, especially when you have this new gem in reach. Sweet white wine swirling with edible teal glitter puts some shine in your spring while feeding your inner mystical sea creature. 

Ready to embrace the changing weather and celebrate with some of the best spring wine Milton wineries have to offer? Timber Hill’s spring lineup is more than up to the task.