Thanksgiving Wine Pairing

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, let Timber Hill help you celebrate with our wines!

Turkey and 14 Pointer

Of course we have to start off this pairing guide with the Thanksgiving Turkey! Timber Hill’s classic Antler Shed Red was aged in a whiskey barrel to make our 14 Pointer! With a nice, smooth finish and notes of whiskey, 14 Pointer is sure to please with a dressed turkey. 

Mashed Potatoes with Gravy and Marquette Rosé

Next most important dish of Thanksgiving is definitely mashed potatoes and gravy! Marquette Rosé is a light and crisp wine that pairs well with rich, creamier foods like mashed potatoes and gravy! Break out your bottle and let the wine do the talking, this combo is sure to satisfy!

Stuffing and Widow's Weekend

Another Thanksgiving meal staple is stuffing/dressing! The delicious flavors of rosemary and thyme are complimented beautifully by Timber Hill’s Widow’s Weekend! This semi-sweet white is floral and fruity, served cold balances the blend of herbs and spices in this Thanksgiving side dish!

Rolls and Marquette

There is nothing like a nice carb to eat with you Thanksgiving dinner! For most, it’s warm rolls right out of the oven with some butter on top. For this side dish, we suggest a dry red like Marquette to cut the richness of the butter! Timber Hill’s Marquette is sure to please because of it’s versatility, it can really be paired with anything!

Green Bean Casserole and La Crescent

On Thanksgiving, we eat Green Bean Casserole! We here at Timber Hill suggest pairing your casserole with our crisp white, La Crescent. The light dryness and slight acidity balance the onion, mushroom and green bean flavors of the casserole. 

Brussel Sprouts and Seyval Blanc

Some people love ’em, some people hate ’em, but most people serve Brussel Sprouts on Thanksgiving! We say ‘yay!’ to sprouts and an even bigger ‘yay!’ to pairing them with out Seyval Blanc! This semi-sweet white paired with the garlic in the veggie are great for every palate!

Pie and Sunday Funday

Whether it’s pecan, pumpkin or apple, there’s always a pie and Thanksgiving dinner! We suggest pairing your holiday pie with our SundayFunday Sparkling white! This bubbly white wine enhances the spices in the pie and really takes your dessert up a notch!