Timber Hill Introduces New Spring Wines

“Spring is Nature’s way of saying Let’s Party!” – Robin Williams

For many, Spring is a favorite time of year. It’s a time for renewal, new growth, and amended goals. A general celebration of life. What better way to compliment this verdant jubilee than to enjoy the sweet fruits of the past with a glass of spring wines? Due to our shorter growing season than more temperate wine counties, our local berries are hardy but bursting with Spring’s sweetness, perfect for any party.


Mermaid Muscat

Spring is a wonderful time for all sorts of gatherings and the ideal time to enjoy a bottle of wine with friends and family. Timber Hill’s Mermaid Muscat would make a fun addition to your spring wines selection with its shimmery teal and hints of rose, peach, and citrus. It would be perfect for:

    • Bridal showers
    • Weddings
    • Girls Night
    • A theme Party of “Under the Sea!” or
    • Game Night

Let your imagination run wild with plans to include fun, sparkly, spring wines with any get-together.


Itasca Wine in May

In 2017 a new variety of grape was released, the Itasca. Named for the park, which is home to the headwaters of the Mighty Mississippi River, the berries tend to ripen early – they wouldn’t want to be late for the party. According to the Midwest Grape and Wine Industry Institute, they lend themselves to a drier white wine with possible aromas of melon, pear, starfruit, honey, gooseberry, and hints of citrus. 

In May 2022, Timber Hill will introduce our interpretation of this lovely white fruit. It will pair well with the lighter fares of summer – salads, vegetables, and fish. You may also enjoy it simply with a cheese board, relaxing around the fire pit after a long day of work.

Spring is the perfect time to gather with family and friends, whether you choose to enjoy a wine tasting with them, take a tour of the winery, or simply try new spring wines in the comfort of your home. Stop by your local wine shop or sign up for the Herd Wine Club and extend the celebration all through the year.