To Your Health – The Top Benefits of Wine

For years it’s been believed that moderate, regular wine-drinking is good for your health. Studies in the past few decades support that belief. There is still a question of which wines are more healthful than others, particularly when it comes to separating red and white wines, though we are more aware of the specific benefits of red wine.  


What Wine Might Do

Whether red or white, made from grapes or other fruit, dry or sweet, most experts agree that, when used in moderation, wine could offer many important types of health benefits.


  • Cholesterol Champion – Red wine, in particular, can reduce the risk of cholesterol clogging your arteries. All wine can help open or dilate your arteries for better blood flow. It boosts what we consider “good” cholesterol (HDLs) and reduces the bad kind (LDLs). It may raise your omega-three fatty acid ratio, which could potentially reduce risk of heart attacks and strokes, as well as other diseases. These same aspects can also promote liver health.


  • Prevent Type 2 Diabetes – Type 2 Diabetes becomes a problem when your body can’t use insulin efficiently when trying to balance your blood-glucose levels. Ethanol and other wine components are thought to help with the metabolization of glucose. 


  •  Lower depression – Studies showed that daily moderate-to-light wine drinkers were less likely to suffer from clinical depression than those who did not drink wine. 


  • Strengthen teeth and bones – Studies suggest that drinking wine might kill bacteria associated with dental cavities. It might also strengthen bone density.


  • Protect neurological health – Studies suggest that drinking wine leads to less likelihood of developing Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.


  • Probiotic health – Light-to-moderate wine drinkers generally have a higher level of probiotic bacteria being supported, thus promoting good hut health.


All alcohol has been shown to help reduce many risks of cardiac disease and cancer, but light-to-moderate wine drinkers have the best numbers of those tested. 


Raise a Glass

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