What To Look For In a Wine When You Visit Timber Hill This Fall

Wisconsin in the autumn – there’s no better place or time to enjoy crisp, fresh air, colorful leaves, and to try our region’s best local wines. At Timber Hill Winery, we welcome tours and tastings for a special afternoon excursion or girl’s time out.


Choosing Your Timber Hill Wine 

It’s exciting to fall in love with a new wine, but how will you know if you’ll like it enough to bring it home?


  1. Labels – Wine labels are a good place to start. A wine’s flavor profile and background are often mentioned on the bottle or near the display. 


  1. Swirl your glass – You learn 2 things from this: First, wine forms streaks down the sides of the glass after a swirl. More lines, or “legs” means higher alcohol level. Secondly, swirling releases the alcohol into an aroma, so catch a whiff at the top of the glass. You’ll smell some flavors before you taste them.


  1. Taste – Don’t slug it down. Take a gentle sip and swirl it around your mouth. Try to detect the varying notes of fruit, oak, or floral tones. How does the “finish” linger on your tongue? Is it pleasant? Do you like it? Is it complex with more than one fruity tone? If you like it by now, you probably always will. 


  1. Vintage – Vintage refers to the batch in which the wine was created. If you like a particular wine, note the vintage and remember it for ordering later. Local craft wines will be in limited supply. Don’t be afraid to ask winery staff to guide you in finding other wines you might like which are reminiscent of what you enjoyed in preferred samples or previous wine purchases. 


  1. Know what you like but try new things – Knowing your preferences in wine can help narrow down what you want to taste, however, try to be open to suggestions and new types of wine. Also, remember “old wine” isn’t necessarily better and some types of wine, especially fruit wine, are meant to be tasted when young. Your wine host can guide you in what you might enjoy and in what makes each of our wines unique.


Make a Party Out of a Wine Tour

Looking for a unique and fun treat for your office or club? Our wine tastings and reserved tours are extremely affordable, but no less special. Tours include a tasting and include samples of five of our delicious wines from a beautiful collection of our own crafted fruit and grape wines. Go to our website and see our special events or plan your tour today.