Timber Hill Wine Descriptions

White Wines

Frontenac Gris- A dry white wine with a perfect balance of citrus and tropical fruits. The natural sugars from the grape make it the ideal crisp wine to pair with a spinach salad or chicken entrée.

Traminette- An off-dry white wine with an elegant floral aroma and a spicy finish. Pairs well with spicy foods or Asian cuisine.

La Crescent- A light dry white wine with crisp acidity rounded by apricot and tropical fruit aromas. Try with a robust salad or spicy dish. 

Widow’s Weekend- The perfect blend of floral and fruit. This elegant semi-sweet white wine is best consumed young. 

Muscat- This light colored and distinctly recognized sweet white wine has hints of citrus, rose, and peach. Pairs well with a light, fruity salad or dessert. 

Wine Wednesday White- A sweet white is exactly what you need to help you get through the week and keep your eyes on the weekend. 

Margarita Monday- Take life with a grain of salt, a wedge of lime, and a ‘winerita’ poured over ice or blended.

Selfie Sangria- A sweet white sangria with notes of peach and mango!

Fruit Wines

Cranberry- This wine started out in a bog in Wisconsin’s Cranberry Country. Like a fresh picked cranberry, it is sweet and tart. Perfect for a holiday meal pairing or to mix into a summer sangria. 

Black Diamond- This is a sweet, yet slightly tart wine with earthy undertones. This wine will remind you of picking blackberries on a hot summer day at the farm. 

Big Buck Blueberry- This wine is as smooth as a big buck running through the midnight blue. Enjoy chilled as an after dinner wine or poured over your favorite dessert. 

Rhubarb- Our rhubarb wine will remind you of a sweet rhubarb pie, with a hint of tartness that makes rhubarb so unique.

Raspberry Rosé- This wonderful wine is like biting into a big, fresh, juicy red raspberry. Pairs wonderfully with chocolate and cheesecake.

Jalapeño- A wine for the bold and the brave. Sip by itself if you dare or blend with Margaritas, Bloody Mary’s and more.

Sparkling Wines

SundayFunday Sparkling- A sweet and bubbly white wine that makes the perfect base for a Sunday Brunch mimosa. 

Sparkling Almond– A sweet and bubbling white wine infused with almond flavors and aromas. Pairs well with dessert and any special occasion. 

Bubbly Boozeday- Love our #TuesdayBoozeday Blush? Well, you will absolutely fall in love with this sweet Bubbly Blush!

Seasonal Features

Mermaid Muscat- This sweet white white wine will be sure to add some extra sparkle into your life with just a sip! We added edible teal glitter to our already amazing Muscat to achieve a beautiful ocean shimmer!

Watermelon- Sip into summer with this delicious and refreshing wine. It’ll remind you of your childhood days eating a watermelon outside. 

Pineapple- Our pineapple wine will take you to a tropical vacation. A refreshing twist on a classic tropical fruit.

Strawberry- Summer is for strawberry-picking, and strawberry wine! Sipping on this will make you feel like you are picking strawberries with your favorite people.

Lemon- A sweet and tart take on a fruit wine. Pair this with our other fruit wines to make your own wine lemonade. 

Blush Wines

Marquette Rosé- A lighter, crisp version of the award-winning Marquette. Freshly pressed to preserve the fruit and spice combination from the vine to make the ideal rosé. Pair with poultry, seafood, and spicy dishes. 

Rainy Day Rosé- Fun and flirty, this elegant rosé is made primarily of white wine grapes with a splash of red to create the prefect pink shade. It is sure to brighten any gloomy, rainy day with one sip!

Tuesday Boozeday Blush- Why limit Boozeday to Tuesday? You can drink this sweet blush any day of the week.

Sweet Reds

Throwback Thursday- A sweet red wine that will take you back to a simpler time when recess was your main priority. 

Sassy Saturday Sangria- A sweet red wine with twist of peach, lemon and berries is perfect for sipping on the patio all day Saturday.

Crazy Crancord The perfect blend of two of our most popular wines! The sweetness from the grapes balances the tartness from cranberries just right to make this crazy blend so delicious.

Finally Friday Fiery Red- A sweet red wine with an extra flare- Wisconsin Brandy! Notes of oak, cherry and red berries will warm you up all winter long.

Chocolate Lush- A semi-sweet red wine with a dark chocolate and Almond flavoring added for an extra lush aroma and flavor. Drink with dessert or by itself as a night cap.

Dry Reds

Wisconsin Frontenac- A soft and delightful semi-dry red wine with a beautiful garnet color. This wine has aromas of cherry, blackberry and plum. The hint of sweetness makes this wine perfect for all. 

Wisconsin Foch A dry red wine that is deep ruby red. This wine pairs with Italian dishes or a grilled steak because of its robust flavor and the hints of mocha and vanilla with a smooth finish.

2016 Petite Pearl- From the heart of Wisconsin, this smooth and well-rounded red pairs well with pot roast, steak and hearty dinners. Petite Pearl has a hint of currant and a bold finish to it.

2017 Petite Pearl- A new vintage of our popular Petite Pearl with a hint of honey but still a bold finish!

Antler Shed Red 2018- A bright, ruby red dry wine with an earthy aroma and well-balanced flavors. This wine pairs well with a steak or wild game like venison.

Reserve Red- A wine that evokes excitement from its rich flavor that comes from high spices and tannins. This wine is aged in an oak barrel that gives it distinct characteristics.

14 Pointer- We took our popular red blend Antler Shed Red and aged it in whiskey oak barrels. Once aged the aroma of the wine transformed into an entirely new wine. With a nice, smooth finish this wine is extra fine.