Unique Holiday Wines Not Found in Other Wineries in Wisconsin

Wineries in Wisconsin love to eat, drink and be merry. Whether you’re pairing multiple courses for an elaborate feast or enjoying more casual fare, great wines definitely check the “drink” off your merrymaking checklist. With a special line of wines inspired by the holiday season, Timber Hill proves wineries in Wisconsin unquestionably deserve a seat at the table. 

While Many Wineries in Wisconsin offer Holiday Wines, Timber Hill Offers a Unique Assortment

  • Cran Ras – Concentrated and flavorful, Cran Ras is perfect for sipping or topping a delectable dessert!
  • Chocolate Covered Cherry – Ever wished you could have your chocolate-covered cherries and eat them too? This deep red wine is an ideal dessert companion.
  • Hot Cocoa – If the warmth and aroma of hot cocoa take you back to the holiday seasons of your youth, Hot Cocoa is the holiday wine for you. 
  • Crème Brûlée – Sweet and creamy, this white wine with pops of vanilla and caramel puts your favorite dessert in an infinitely shippable bottle. 
  • Spiced Red – Mulled wine is a holiday staple, but who has the time? This sweet red is already infused with the classic flavors of orange peel, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice. 
  • Spiced White – Who says mulled wine has to be red? A sweet, spiced white brimming with the flavors of mulling spices. Quick tip: serve this one warm with a cinnamon stick garnish for the definition of holiday cheer. 
  • Gingerbread – Golden and sweet with a touch of gingerbread warmth, this wine is the perfect companion for a snowy day. 
  • Blitzen Blush – Reds and whites as far as the eye can see, where are all the blushes? But never fear, Blitzen Blush brings sweet hints of strawberry and candied apples. 
  • Rose Cheeks – Rose all day, especially during the holidays. Fruit-forward and delicate, the citrus and tropical fruit flavors certainly fit the bill.
  • Snow Globe – Nothing gets a party started like a glittering bottle of wine. Snow Globe rises to the occasion with an iridescent sheen, bursting with notes of sweet peach and honey. 
  • Rudolph Red – Everyone’s favorite reindeer deserves a bit of recognition during the holidays, and this tribute is a worthy one. Dry and bright, this one will certainly lead you to holiday happiness.
  • Frosty Frontenac – Soft, delicate and semi-dry, Frosty Frontenac’s garnet hue and hints of cherry and plum team up to create the holiday season’s ultimate people-pleaser.

Dasher’s DeChaunac – Sometimes, you want something lighter and more approachable to battle the winter doldrums. Easy drinking and always a crowd pleaser, this one undeniably deserves a place on your holiday table.

Want to check them out yourself? Stop and see Timber Hill for a tasting of your own, one of the best wineries in Wisconsin.