August Wineo Bingo for Spotlight on Kids

Timber Hill Winery is stepping up to support a remarkable local non-profit organization during the month of August. The winery has partnered with performing arts company, Spotlight on Kids, to host Wineo Bingo. This collaborative effort aims to raise funds for the admirable mission of nurturing young talent and fostering personal growth through the performing arts.

What is Spotlight on Kids?

Spotlight on Kids, a not-for-profit performing arts company headquartered in Janesville, is nothing short of inspiring. The organization is dedicated to giving children in the local community an outlet for creative expression while imparting essential life skills. Through acting, singing, dancing, and storytelling, children have the opportunity to build self-confidence, learn the value of teamwork, and cultivate creative problem-solving abilities.

Furthermore, Spotlight on Kids operates under an inclusive philosophy, welcoming children of all backgrounds, abilities, and financial circumstances. This commitment to diversity ensures that every child has the chance to shine on stage and in life.

What is Wineo Bingo?

Throughout the month of August, every Wineo Bingo event at Timber Hill Winery will be dedicated to raising funds for Spotlight on Kids. Participants not only get to revel in a delightful evening of fun but also have the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of local children.

All donations from each Wineo Bingo night will be channeled directly into Spotlight on Kids’ programs. These contributions will empower the organization to continue providing a nurturing environment for young talent to flourish.

This Month’s Wineo Bingo to Support Kids in Performing Arts!

Timber Hill Winery’s partnership with Spotlight on Kids exemplifies the best of community spirit. By using their platform to support local endeavors that enrich the lives of young individuals, they are fostering a culture of empowerment and compassion.

The combination of Wineo Bingo and Spotlight on Kids is not just a fundraising initiative; it’s a celebration of creativity, camaraderie, and the enduring power of the arts. As August unfolds, let’s raise our glasses, play some bingo, and join hands in supporting the dreams of the next generation through this commendable collaboration.

Check out our social media pages for more event details, or view our full event calendar on our website. We hope to see you there!