Bring the Winery to You: Wine Tasting Events in the Age of COVID-19

The world seems quite different from this time last year, and it isn’t always easy to take comfort in some of our favorite passions. This holds especially true for wine lovers shut out of their favorite venues. As wineries adapt to an ongoing global health crisis, social distancing requirements can make scheduling a wine tasting on-site a bit of a challenge. 

What if there were a way to bring the winery to your doorstep, though? With a bit of creative thinking, it’s easier than you might think to host a wine tasting in the comfort of your own home.

Hosting a Safe and Enjoyable Wine Tasting During a Pandemic

There are two ways you can host an event celebrating your favorite wines while maintaining a measure of social responsibility.

For those comfortable with small gatherings in one space, the ideal number of guests for at-home tastings is usually no more than twelve. This magic number allows for plenty of conversation while still adhering to suggestions for private gathering limits, and easy planning. Bottles of wine typically contain 24 ounces; this works out to twelve 2-ounce pours per bottle. More than twelve people, and you’ll not only be taking health risks but also create the need for more complex math when it comes to dividing up servings and purchasing the proper amount for each guest.

While it’s true that wine tastings are usually group events bolstered in part by the social aspect of laughing and talking as a group, not everyone feels safe gathering right now. Keeping your social distance doesn’t have to mean giving up on social interaction, or wine-related events. As more wineries step up their delivery and distribution game, it’s easy to host an all-virtual tasting where everyone sips comfortably and safely from home. Bonus: you get to choose a fun background, and virtual tastings allow you to spend time with any long-distance loved ones who wouldn’t be able to make it for an in-person soiree. 

Choosing the Perfect Wines for Your Quarantine Tasting

Virtual hangouts and maintaining a six-foot distance can be difficult but choosing wines for your tasting event never has to be complicated. Sign up for our wine club that delivers select wines to your door, and you’re all set each month. It’s particularly wise to join a club based around a quiz so that your deliveries are tailored to your tastes. Hosting virtual events? Encourage your virtual attendees to join alongside you, and you’re able to host monthly tastings with ease. 

Downtime and distancing don’t have to mean losing out on all of life’s indulgences. We are always here to help wine lovers find new favorites and build new ways of enjoying them together, even at a distance.