Five Wine and Christmas Movie Pairings

One of the best parts about the holidays? All the Christmas movies! Between the many classic Christmas movies like Miracle on 34th St. or newer favorites like Elf, there are so many Christmas movies to binge on with a good glass of wine.  We have created a guide of five of the most popular Christmas movies and paired them with five of our popular wines.  Get a group of friends together and watch one of these holidays favorites and grab a bottle of wine like #TuesdayBoozeday Blush to fully indulge in the holiday spirit.

Love Actually & Tuesday Boozeday Blush

Love Actually Christmas Movie Wine Pairing

The blush on Keira Knightly’s face when her husband’s best friend confesses his love for her can only be paired with a sweet blush wine like Tuesday Boozeday.

Tuesday Boozeday Blush Holiday Wine

Home Alone & Finally Friday Fiery Red

Home Alone Wine Pairing

Sweet like Kevin, but with a little twist of Wisconsin Brandy that gives you just the spunk needed to fight off the bad guys.  Kick it up another notch and make a Wisconsin Brandy Old Fashioned  from our Holiday Recipe Blog.

Finally Friday Fiery Red

The Nightmare Before Christmas & Wisconsin Foch

Nightmare before Christmas

The rich and dark flavors of our Wisconsin Marechal Foch will pair perfectly with the complexity of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Pop some kettle corn on the side for a delicious salty but sweet snack to pair with the Foch.

Wisconsin Wine Marachel Foch

Elf & Sunday Funday Sparkling

Elf Wine Pairing

Buddy the elf loves smiling and breakfast food with lots of syrup.  Nothing goes better with a bunch of pancakes covered in syrup than some SundayFunday Sparkling.  Add a dash of Cranberry Wine for some extra fun!

Sunday Funday Sparkling with Cranberry Wine

The Grinch & Jalapeño Wine

Grinch Christmas Movie Wine Pairing

Go Green like the Grinch with Jalapeño Wine!  This wine is only for the bold and brave like the Grinch himself.  Tone in down and mix it in a Bloody Mary.  Spice up a pot of chili with Jalapeño wine to serve to everyone in Whoville.

Jalapeno Wine

We hope you have a happy and safe holiday! Please remember to celebrate safely!