Get to Know Our Social Sweet Series of Wines

Looking for a variety of sweet, approachable wines? Our Social Sweet Series just might be the answer you’re seeking. With a different flavor for every day of the week, it’s easy to keep things interesting no matter what life throws your way.

• Margarita Monday – Escape from the Monday blues with a sweet white wine bursting with natural lime flavors. Quick tip: pop a Margarita Monday pouch in the freezer to make the perfect margarita-inspired slushie.

• Tuesday Boozeday – A sweet blush made from Catawba grapes; Tuesday Boozeday is perfect any day of the week. It pairs beautifully with a versatile range of foods, so it’s perfect for a weekday dinner or to savor at the end of a busy day. 

• Wine Wednesday – There’s no need for a midweek slump; Wine Wednesday comes to the rescue with the sweet decadence of Niagara grapes. 

• Throwback Thursday – Take it all the way back to the playground days with the nostalgic flavors of Concord grapes in Throwback Thursday. 

• Finally Friday – The end of the workweek calls for something special. Hints of cherry and vanilla team up to generate sparks in Finally Friday. 

• Sassy Saturday – No matter what’s on the agenda for the first day of the weekend, you just can’t go wrong with a great sangria. Peach, berry, and lemon notes abound in our sweet and Sassy Saturday. 

• Sunday Funday – Name a more iconic pairing than Sunday and brunch. The backbone of the perfect mimosa or Bellini, Sunday Funday is a sweet and sparkly white made for wrapping up the weekend in style.

Choosing from so many options isn’t always easy, but our Social Sweet selector quiz can help you find your ideal variety. The Social Sweet Series is versatile, and so is our packaging. In addition to bottles, we also offer all but the bubbly Sunday Funday in portable pouches. No need for a corkscrew or a glass; just pop in a straw and enjoy tailgating, cookouts, campfires, or the comfort of your own backyard. oh