Your Milton Wine Shop Explains the Difference Between Red and White Wine

Your Fav Milton Wine Shop is here to explain the difference between red and white wine. There’s no denying wine can be one of life’s finest indulgences, but it can also be one of its most intimidating luxuries. If row after row of bottles on wine shop shelves is overwhelming, you’re not alone. Whether you’re just exploring your tastes or satisfying veteran curiosity, here are a few of the key differences between red and white wines. 

  • More than Meets the Eye – At first blush, the most noticeable difference between reds and whites is, well, their color. Reds can range from deep purples and burgundy to brighter hues, where their white compatriots dip no further into saturation than a pinkish rosé. This may be their most obvious difference, but it’s far from the only one. 
  • Different Grapes and Different Methods – For the most part, red wines and white wines are made from completely different types of grapes and are made in entirely different ways. It’s a gross oversimplification to say, however, that red wine is made only from red grapes and white wine is made only from white grapes. The truth is, some delicious white wines come from Zinfandel grapes, which are dark in color. During the creation of white wines, all the skins and seeds are separated from the grapes after crushing.  On the other hand, red wines get their signature colors from the seeds and skins left to ferment alongside the juice. 
  • You Don’t Have to Choose a Side – While there are plenty of reasons why you might prefer reds over whites or vice versa, you certainly don’t have to be a “red wine person” or a “white wine person.” The deep richness of red wine can be the perfect companion for one dish or special occasion, and sometimes the light, crispness of a great white can be just the thing for another. 

There should be someone at every dinner party eager to explain that some delicious white wines are derived from red grapes and that all grape juice is essentially clear when it’s pressed. Knowing those skins and seeds are what give red wine a rich backbone of tannins that set it apart from its white wine compatriots makes for more interesting conversation and even better course pairings!

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