Which Sweet Wine Should You Bring Home for Your Valentine’s Day Meal from this Milton Winery?

While a deep, dry red or an astringent white is perfect for most occasions, there are times when you just want a sweet, easy-sipping wine you can enjoy without analyzing. Valentine’s Day is definitely one of those times; you want the focus to be on all things sweet and comforting, not the bitter and complex! 

Want to really bring it home for the most romantic of holidays? Here are a few of the best Valentine’s Day options from a local Milton winery.

  • Traminette – Looking for something with a floral aroma to remind you of Valentine’s flowers? Traminette pairs perfectly with foods that bring the heat, and its own spicy finish shines.
  • Sparkling Almond – Sometimes you need something as bubbly and sweet as your love story. Sparkling almond is an effervescent and joyful, ideal for celebrating your Valentine.
  • Darling Doe DeChenauc – Looking for easy sipping with hints of tart cherry? Darling Doe DeChenauc is the perfect choice for an evening with your own sweet darling.
  • Edelweiss – Nevermind the movies, Edelweiss makes beautiful music of its own. Semi-sweet and full of simple pleasures, there’s nothing quite like little white flowers for an innocent, playful Valentine’s Day.
  • Raspberry Rosé – Let’s be honest; Cupid’s holiday is all about chocolate. Why not reach for a sweet, fruity wine sure to pair perfectly with the season’s most beloved candy? 
  • Delaware – Remember that first blush of new love? Why not bring it back to those days with a semi-sweet blush sure to bring a becoming flush to your cheeks? Hints of strawberry and candied apple bring the candied seasonal sweetness, making Delaware the ideal choice for a sweet night in. 

No matter what kind of date night you have planned, you can’t go wrong with a lush, sweet wine from your local Milton winery!