Milton Wine Shop Has Wines to Transition You from Summer to Fall

The heat this summer may feel unrelenting, but it will eventually begin to give way to the crisper winds of fall. No matter how unbelievable it may feel now, sweater weather and fall cuisine are right around the corner. As summer’s heat begins to fade, here are four perfect wines you can find at your Milton wine shop that will help you transition to fall.

  • Sparkling Almond – You can never go wrong with bubbly, and this almond-tinged delight brings just a hint of fall flavor to the sweet effervescence of a sparkling white. Enjoy it under the late summer stars or to celebrate the first bonfire of the season!
  • Traminette – From spicy fall fare to Asian food and just about everything in between, Traminette is a floral, off-dry white with a spicy finish perfect for riding that last wave between long summer nights and cozy autumn evenings. 
  • Widow’s Weekend – Floral, fruity and elegant, Widow’s Weekend bridges the gap between seasons by playing well with the culinary bounty of both roasted vegetables and breads. St. Pepin and Lacrosse grape varietals create a semi-sweet delight perfect for the middle third of the year. 

Cranberry – Sweet with a hint of tartness, just like the bittersweet transition from the freedom of summer to the comfort of fall. This cranberry wine begins with fruit regionally sourced straight from Wisconsin Cranberry Country, and plays as well with a late-summer sangria as it does with an autumn holiday meal.

Find Your Fall Wines at Your Favorite Milton Wine Shop

With cooler temperatures come shorter days and longer, cozier nights. This transitional time is ideally suited to experimenting with your wine selections, too. If you’re ready to sip your way into a sweeter, early autumn, spectacular offerings from Timber Hill Winery more than fit the bill. From dessert-ready bubbly to uniquely tart and seasonal cranberry, you’re sure to find perfect wines for crossing the threshold of summer into fall.

Order yours today or browse our online store for more great varieties to fit any occasion, special dish or lifestyle.