Pairing Timber Hill Wines with Summer Food

Summer means higher temperatures, outdoor dining, and the bounty of seasonal berries, fruit, and fun. Enjoying the unique beauty of summer cuisine begs for wines that complement every dish and bring out the best of the season. When the temperatures rise, and the Farmer’s Market begins to fill, pairing Timber Hill Wines with summer food is an exciting, rewarding experience. 

Moving from the hearty, stick-to-your-ribs fare of the colder months into the light, bright tastes of summer means bringing the right wines to fit the bill.

Meeting Timber Hill Wines With Summer Food That Include Heat

Rules are meant to be broken, and it’s always best to let your palate lead. However, when it comes to summer wine pairings, there are a few rules of thumb you can rely on to simplify matters. Spicy heat, just like the sun’s heat, is best when it’s paired with something sweet and smooth. Spicy barbecue dishes, pepper-laden grilled chicken or fish, and flavor-packed, heat-forward dishes really shine when you pair sweet with heat. 

Spicy food is beautifully complemented by sweet wines, but ”sweet with heat” isn’t the only rule to keep in mind. Pairing “sweet with sweet” is an ideal cheat sheet when you’re building a summer dessert menu, too. 

Red wines with red meat and white wines with white meat are old rules and can be strategically broken. An exception would be pairing a tannin-rich red with an oily white fish, translating to a bitter taste when combined. Experimenting with pairings is a great way to build a unique menu for any seasonal event, but it’s wise to stick with whites for fish-based menus. Also, keep sweet and acidic wines on the list for salty, rich foods. Just like oil and vinegar work together to create the perfect salad dressing, rich foods and acidic wines make an ideal duo.

Perfect Summer Pairings from a Milton Winery

From summer whites like the Mermaid Muscat to the fruit-forward flavors of Big Buck Blueberry, pairing Timber Hill Wines with Summer Food is the perfect blend. Support the big flavors of red meat with hearty reds like Throwback Thursday or set off the delicacy of chicken and fish with Wine Wednesday White. Looking for a virtual wine tasting? Timber Hill can help you find the perfect flavors for your warm-weather celebrations. Stop in or click our website here for your summer pairings.