You Won’t Find These at Other Wineries in Wisconsin: Day of The Week Wine Pouches

Have you had one of those days? They typically end in “y,” and a nice glass of wine sounds delicious, but you’re not sure which flavor will hit the spot. Or maybe you’ll be fishing, tailgating, or attending an outdoor concert at a venue that discourages glass bottles. Timber Hill Winery in Wisconsin has created the Social Sweet Series’ Day-of-The-Week pouches as a convenient splash of wine to quench your thirst.


Different Wines for Different Tastes

Timber Hill Winery has blended a selection of wines perfect for pairing with any summer gathering of friends and family.

The Very Best of Wineries in WI for Any Occasion

Each of these wines is easily portable in a pouch that can be chilled, no glass necessary. Chill a pack in the cooler to take along to the tailgate party, family reunion, or just the backyard next to the firepit. If you have out-of-town visitors, pick up some Pouch Party Packs, which have two of each of the Day-of-The-Week pouches. Timber Hill Winery offers some of the best fruits from the wineries in WI, and these wine pouches are a delightful way to share them with friends and family. Contact Timber Hill Winery to place an order, arrange a tour or tasting and discover your new favorite wines from wineries in WI.