Have you heard the news?

We’re moving! This past December, we purchased a 50 acre lot on John Paul Road, just north of Milton (see map on right). On December 14th we were approved by the Town of Milton to move the winery there and now it’s time to plan and build! We know we would like to have a […]

Why are there crystals in some of the wine?

Some of the grapes we make wine with have a high amount of tartaric acid in them. When these wines get chilled, crystals can form. They are completely harmless and tasteless, so if you do see it in your wine, don’t worry! The ‘fancy’ name for them is wine diamonds! We have a process here […]

Wisconsin’s Latest Wine Release Has Everyone Buzzing

Timber Hill Winery Queen Bee Mead

Queen Bee Mead’s sweet taste makes first debut at Timber Hill Winery just in time for spring We are excited to announce the first release of Timber Hill Winery’s newest wine – Queen Bee Mead! This is a sweet wine made with pure local honey, vine fruit, and herbs. The Rock County honey will remind you […]

Five Irresistible Wine Facts Make Your Valentine’s Day Cork Pop

With Valentine’s Day nearly here, romance is in the air and big plans are being made. If you are thinking of including a bottle of wine to pair with the occasion, our winemaker is sharing five surprising ways your Rosé, Sparkling, Red or White, is sure to help you celebrate this special lover’s holiday. No. […]