Holiday Drink Recipes

Brandy Old Fashioned

One of our winemaker Amanda’s favorite things to do is mix our wines with other things to create specialty holiday drinks.  During the holiday season she likes to test out […]

Wisconsin Wines For Your Next Tailgate

Timber Hill Winery jalapeno wine pickles bloody mary mix

Wine Can Be Convenient Addition To Your Tailgate Beverage Menu Wisconsin has a really amazing wine-making community and they should not be forgotten about while preparing for a tailgate or […]

Jalapeno Wine Shrimp Appetizer

jalapeno wine shrimp

One of our most popular, award-winning wines, is our Jalapeño Wine!  It is exactly what it sounds like, fermented Jalapeños!  At the winery we like to have people save this […]

Chicken Tagine in the Slow Cooker

chicken tagine

One thing you may not know about our winemaker Amanda is that she loves to travel.  She has actually been to every continent except Antartica(the one continent that doesn’t make […]

Homemade Bread from Grandma’s Kitchen

homemade bread recipe

Today we are embracing the Groundhog Day conclusion, more weeks of winter!  We are also embracing that while our New Years goal was to eat healthier, we miss ALL the […]