Wine and Halloween Movie Pairings

Thursday and Halloween



Throwback Thursday & “Halloween” (1978)

Of course we have to pair this classic Halloween movie with our Throwback Thursday! In this flick, Michael Meyers escapes from prison after being convicted of the murder of his little sister. He makes his way back to his hometown to look for his next victims. Grab your popcorn, bottle of Throwback Thursday and a blanket to enjoy this scary movie!


Cranberry & “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

This animated movie is great for people who can’t decide between Halloween and Christmas! Because of the Christmas aspect of this movie, it pairs wonderfully with the crisp, tart flavors of our Cranberry Wine! In this Tim Burton flick, Jack Skellington gets bored of the same old Halloween shenanigans so he moves to Christmastown and plots to kidnap Santa Claus to take over his role as the jolly man in the red suit. Cranberry wine, a good movie and family. What more could you need?

Cranberry and Nightmare Before Christmas
Pumpkin Spice and Charlie Brown



Pumpkin Spice & “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”

This classic movie pairs deliciously with our Fall Collection‘s Pumpkin Spice! You’ll be taken back to simpler times as you watch Lucy and Linus try to find the biggest pumpkin in the patch to make jack-o-lanterns! Curl up on the couch with our Pumpkin Spice wine and this kid-friendly movie to show your kids what a real classic looks like!



Finally Friday Fiery Red and “It” (2017)

In this horror film, Pennywise the shapeshifting clown sets out for the blood of seven outcast kids in Maine. This frightening feature will have you on the edge of your seat. Take the edge off and sip on our Finally Friday Fiery Red! This little bottle packs a big punch because it’s got some Wisconsin Brandy in it! Grab your friend and a bottle of our port wine to watch this thriller.

Finally Friday and It
Caramel Apple and Halloweentown



Caramel Apple and Halloweentown

This Disney picture is great for the older kids in your family! It pairs delightfully with our Caramel Apple wine! With one sip it will take you back to the orchard with your friends. In the movie, main character Marnie finds she comes from a long line of witches. The fun doesn’t stop when she finds out she needs to help defeat evil in the name of her family. Grab your kids and some of our Caramel Apple wine to enjoy this witchy flick!



Antler Shed Red and “Scream” 1996)

In this cult classic, a fright-masked knife maniac stalks high-school students in middle-class suburbia. Pop the cork on our bottle of Antler Shed Red and keep your eyes on this spooky movie! Don’t fill your glass to full… we don’t want any wine spilling during the jumpy parts!

Antler Shed Red and Scream