Winter Date Ideas

timber hill

Looking for something fun to do with your hunny this winter?
Here are some ideas to break up a winter slump.

Make a movie date at home! Get some popcorn, movie theater butter, a bottle of your favorite wine, and a cozy blanket. Set a date and time so that you stick to it (after the kids go to bed works great!). Go into the recesses of your streaming service or go old school and dust off a DVD (or even a VHS!). Pick a movie that is brand new to both of you or one that brings back special memories.

Bundle up and get outdoors! Whether it is sledding, snowshoeing, renting a snowmobile, or just taking a walk, getting some fresh air with your hunny (especially after this past year of not doing a whole lot) may be just what the Dr. ordered! And when you get back home, some hot chocolate to warm you up will taste better than ever!

Book one of our cozy domes! Order a warm carafe of mulled wine and some fondue and cozy up on the couch right next to the fireplace! You will have your own private ‘room’ at the winery. Perfect for a cozy winter date night.

Or you can just do something that is special to you and your significant other. Love baking? Make that into date night! Enjoy crafting? Spend time with one another creating something that is meaningful to you!

Anything can be a fun date night if you’re spending time with one another. Let us know what you come up with!