Timber Hill’s Best Wines for Sipping in Spring

As winter winds down and spring begins to sweep in, it can be tempting to throw off all the heavy trappings of cold weather in favor of lighter fare. No more heavy winter blankets, thick stews and hearty red wines; it’s almost time to reach instead for picnic blankets and fresh, clean palate-pleasers. Timber Hill […]

Best Wines for Your Easter Meal

best wines for your easter meal

The best wines for your Easter meal can be tricky. Even if you’re relatively confident creating strong wine pairings throughout the year, Easter celebration meals can still feel a bit intimidating. This especially holds true if traditional Easter meats like lamb and honey-baked ham aren’t your typical fare on other occasions. The fact that so […]

Best Wine Pairings for Winter Foods

Winter is a season for warm fires, family gatherings, and comfort food. While we might not be able to gather as much as we would like this winter, we can still savor the best flavors of the season. Food and wine pairings can feel intimidating, but they don’t have to be. Find out how you […]

Holiday Drink Recipes

Brandy Old Fashioned

One of our winemaker Amanda’s favorite things to do is mix our wines with other things to create specialty holiday drinks.  During the holiday season she likes to test out these different drinks on her friends and family and they happily oblige.  Last year we tried a couple of new drinks with the SundayFunday and […]

Which wines pair best with Turkey Day staples?

Wondering which Timber Hill wines will go best with your Thanksgiving dishes? Wonder no more! We are here to lay it out for you! Mashed Potatoes You buttery mashed potatoes will go best with a delicious, sweet white, such as Selfie Sangria. Green Bean Casserole The bitterness from the green beans is best paired with […]

Halloween Candy and Wine Pairing Guide

Widows Weekend pairs perfectly with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. The mellow tones from the wine pair wonderfully with the combination of the chocolate and peanut butter The chocolate and nuttiness of both the Chocolate Lush wine and the Snickers candy bar join together in perfect harmony. Pair your Smarties with Sunday Funday! Both have a […]